White Cap Series Race 2

No kidding about White Caps.

Race #2 proved to be blustery,  cold and a little rain;  wind S to SE 15 to 20 knots.

When we shook out the deep reef from last weeks race we found a tear in the mainsail out in the leech caused by the deep reef pennant.

What to do?   Well we sailed on and the tear stopped up against a batten pocket;  things went well and the crew did a good job of keeping up with the many maneuvers and transitions “gybe and tacks” to keep us  in the running.

MARTHA was the 4th boat across the finish line and corrected to 2nd place, with a 1st in race one and a 2nd in race two we are in first place in the series with three points overall.

The Mainsail is in the loft for repairs, more on that later.

Here is a link to the results.  http://ptsail.org/2013/04/12/white-cap-2013-race-2/#more-5717






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