White Cap Series/ Bronze Anchor Roller

White Cap Series race 5 was a real hoot.

Wind West 12 to 15 then 15 to 18 then a high of 28.

The crew did a great job of keeping MARTHA in trim and rolling.

We hit the Start line about a minute  late and fast. As we crossed the Start line at the committee boat end we pointed up hard and a strapped in,   MARTHA climbed quickly, dipping her rail down in the gusts. After rounding the weather mark, the crew set the Fisherman for the downwind leg in pursuit of SPARKLE.

MARTHA passed SPARKLE as we approached the tower, once the tower was abeam we started to harden up for the beat to weather, tacked, dropped the Fisherman,”too much wind” and started to contemplate reefing the main.

Once we started to see apparent  winds in the 24 to 28 range we reefed the main and charged towards the weather mark, once we rounded it was a simple down wind leg to the finish with a few jibes thrown in for fun.

With smiles all around we headed for the barn knowing the feeling of satisfaction from a race well sailed.

Now, about that anchor roller!

The Port Townsend Foundry has designed, Made patterns, and poured MARTHA’s new Anchor Rollers.

Stay tuned for a post with all the info!

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