Ocean Class / Whitecap Series

MARTHA started her Spring sail training with students involved with Port Townsend School District’s OCEAN Program.   We are participating in the Port Townsend Sailing Association’s Whitecap Series.   Watch the city waterfront Friday evenings, races start at 6.

We started with a dockside deck safety and line handling session and then a pre-race  afternoon sail to tune up the crew.


dock side training

dock side training

IMG_5358 IMG_5360

Friday, April 1st, we raced the first event and the crew did a wonderful job in a difficult race. Light flukey winds prevailed from the start through much of the race.

This crew will sail 7 of the races followed by the Round Protection Island distance race on May 21st.

MARTHA then prepares for Swiftsure Race, Memorial Day weekend with some seasoned crew mixed with adult sail-training crew and that will kick off our Summer Season.


Port Townsend Foundry has completed the drawings for the new Bow Sprit Anchor Roller, which have been enthusiastically approved and the patterns are being made.

We are certainly blessed to be working with the best in the Marine Trades.




We still have  berths available so check out MARTHA’s schedule and find your next Adventure!




light winds make for a great training 1st day

light winds make for a great training 1st day

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