New Web Site Lay Out

The website for the Foundation has a new look and feel.

The site has been reconfigured to provide optimum navigation so you can find what your looking for.

It’s pretty complex what happens behind the curtain,  but what’s important is the content and the user interface and that’s where you may notice the change.

John Hanify at Wheel of Martha

John Hanify at Wheel of Martha 1907

We will have more content that is more easily navigated,  the new site will provide a easy way to connect with what MARTHA is up to,  after all she’s been providing sailors with adventure for 110 years!

Please let us know how you feel about the new site now that it’s up and running and if you have any favorite MARTHA images send them in!

This group of photos theme is At the Helm.



Swiftsure 2013

Homeward bound Hawaii to Victoria BC.

Sailing instruction for young and old

Ted Pike. Main sheet trim / tactics Bill Melbostab Staff Commodore SFYC Great SanFrancisco Schooner Race “GSSR” 2015

Sydney and Pat, watch mates Oahu to Hanalei Bay Kauai 2015

Snug and with big smiles
Off Shore Homeward Bound 2015

Schooner Sisters





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