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Many have asked how we were able to drill the bolt holes and counter bore  in lead, which tends to be a difficult task. Non Ferrous Metals had alloyed the lead with about 2% antimony,  which tends to make the lead a bit harder and easier to machine. Raw lead is a bit like taffy and grabs the tool and spins the operator in circles.
Scott from Non Ferrous Metals called and asked if we had any videos of the task and tools,    so this ones for Scott.

Of note,   when I was a younger man it seemed almost impossible or at least dangerous to try to stop a Milwaukee Hole Hawg drill motor. 
We had two new Hole Hawgs on this job and I must say I was not impressed. First the chucks were not up to the task,  slipping and or jamming.  At one point,  to finish drilling we tightened the chuck and then welded the drill rod to the chuck.
The other point was torque, there wasn’t a whole lot of that, I guess electrons aren’t what they used to be.   If any one from Milwaukee drills is watching I have a message, put better chucks on the drill,   it is where the rubber meets the road,   so to speak.

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