The weather finally broke with Friday, Saturday and Sunday providing good painting and varnishing conditions.
We are set for a March 30th  10:00 hrs launch with the engine /systems coming together. The new aluminum nickle bronze rudder head was installed and steering system is in perfect order.
We’re trying a new paint product on the cockpit sole,  something called “Moby Deck” made of ‘Flexithane”,  got to love marketing names.
Looking ahead,  the bronze for the foremast is ordered and the main mast is getting a good inspection and is ready for paint.   We hope to have the rig back in the boat in early May.   We’ll post the date when it is known.
Everyone at the Schooner Martha Foundation is extremely grateful and encouraged by all the hard work and time the whole team has put into this project, we are now on the home stretch.   It is really a wonderful accomplishment and will be a lasting legacy for Martha to keep sailing and teaching into the extended future.

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  1. Well, it’s only beautiful! And amazing!
    Eager to see this wonderful bird/fish splash down at the end of week!
    Bill and Ursula

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