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Martha and her crew had a wonderful few days in the Channel Islands sailing and exploring by land and sea. We left Morro Bay at dawn on September 30th and sailed all day to San Miguel Island.  We had building NW winds, 15-25 with swells of 4-6 ft., rounding up into Cuyler’s Cove just before dark.   San Miguel is a rugged landscape and it was a gorgeous sunset knowing we had a secure anchorage with winds gusting into the 30s.   Because of recently imposed military restrictions, we were not able to go ashore in San Miguel so we left the next morning.

The wind was up and the seas were big as we bore away for Santa Rosa Island.  As we rounded into Becher’s Bay the wind was well into the 30 kt range with a steep choppy sea, drenching the boat and smiling crew.    Another solid anchorage with winds gusting to almost 40 gave us a comfortable night.  It sure is fun to experience how well MARTHA handles all these conditions comfortably.    The next day gave us a change of weather to settled, sunny, and dry conditions.     This allowed us to relax a bit at Santa Rosa where we hiked and played in the waves and practiced landing small boats in the surf.

Next we headed to the south side of Santa Cruz Island to Coches Prietos Harbor. Here we were protected from the potential Santa Anna wind conditions but did have to deal with a bit of a southerly swell.    We hiked and explored with kayaks, small boat and paddle board.  The crew had a great time identifying plants, animals and the geology of the Channel Islands.

Coches Prietos anchorage

Coches Prietos anchorage

Ryder at Coches Prietos

Ryder at Coches Prietos

Surf play at Coches Prietos

Surf play at Coches Prietos




Scorpion Bay, Santa Cruz Island

After 2 nights we sailed around to the north side to Scorpion Bay.   Here the Nature Conservancy has an interpretive center and ranger station. Here we learned more about the history of Santa Cruz Island and the efforts that are being made to restore its unique natural habitat.

Our last morning gave us a beautiful sunrise sail off the anchor

early morning sailing off anchor

early morning sailing off anchor

and a smooth trip into Channel Islands Harbor where we are currently guests of the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club, thank you to Dick McNish.  We will be here until Thursday, then will be exploring Ventura for a couple days before heading out for our next trip to the Channel Islands.   We were also hosted to a grand tour of the Channel Islands Maritime Museum

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Our stay in SanFrancisco was every thing we had hoped and more.

The hospitality and warm reception from the SanFrancisco Yacht Club made MARTHA and her crew feel right at home.

Many thanks to Commodore Bill Melbostad and Staff Commodore John Swain for making MARTHA’s visit truly a historic event. MARTHA and crew are looking forward to our return in May 2015.

Commodore Melbostad  is an avid racer and Schoonerman.

Commodore Melbostad is an avid racer and Schoonerman.

We were able to visit Alameda and MARTHA was dockside in the Alameda Marina thanks to Brock deLappe,  Harbor Master,   and Friends John Phillips and Ray Ronquillo from Svendsen’s Boat Works.

The Sailing in the Bay has been fantastic and we had great time racing in the Leukemia Cup. MARTHA took 1st place in the Classic Division.

MARTHA and her crew are now moored up in Morro Bay, California after a great sail down the coast with a two day stop over in Monterey Bay.

The weather was delightful but we were keeping a weather eye on the big mean front that was causing some high wind and much appreciated rain up north around Mendocino.

Our leg into Morro Bay saw winds climb into the low to mid 20s and our entrance into the bay saw a solid 25 with gust to 30 knots.

Morro Rock  a prominent landmark into Morro Bay

Morro Rock a prominent landmark into Morro Bay

Docking was made easy by a group of MARTHA’s Morro Bay friends put together by Craig and Vicky Johnsen and Pete Langley’s  local friends and family.

Many thanks to the Morro Bay Community and the Harbor Authority for such a great stay.  We’ve enjoyed having all the visitors dockside and invite all to visit.

WE are now planning our next leg to the Channel Islands and plan to shove off on Monday morning .

Stay tuned.

MARTHA out of the mist and into Morro Bay

MARTHA out of the mist and into Morro Bay


MARTHA along side tidelands dock in Morro Bay

MARTHA along side Tidelands Dock in Morro Bay

Off to points South

We are now in the San Francisco Marina district and bording new folks today to head south.    We are happy to have Pete Langley on board for the next leg and looking forward to Monterey Bay, Morro Bay and the Channel Islands.     We will post more when time allows. Leukemia Cup was […]

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Leukemia Cup

The last couple weeks, Martha’s crew has stayed busy getting ready for our next leg down the coast. Among the various projects completed, Martha was rigged with all new halyards! Thank you  to New England Ropes for the discount and support.  In between projects we visited Angel Island and Bolinas Bay and day sailed with […]

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The Great San Francisco Schooner Cup

  It was an exciting day on San Francisco Bay this past Saturday as the Bay filled up with beautiful classic schooners getting ready to race in The Great San Francisco Schooner Cup. Winds  were between 15-20 kts the whole afternoon, with a strong ebb flowing out of the bay. The sailing was fabulous, with a […]

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Martha Returns To San Francisco

Yesterday, after a five day passage down the coast, Martha passed under the Golden Gate bridge and into San Francisco Bay, marking the end of the first passage of her offshore year. The trip was a complete success and Martha was more than up to the challenge. There was much cheering  as we passed under […]

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Please come

Wednesday evening, the 20th of August,  Doug Jones and Deb Dominici have graciously offered their home to be open for a get-together to wish Martha and crew fair winds for the voyage.    Please join us from 7-10 at 538 Fillmore in Port Townsend We would also like to take this opportunity to THANK ALL […]

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Martha Fundraising Auction A Success!

Our deepest thanks to Ollie and Janice,  Allison, and the crew at the Hazel Creek Barn for all of the hard work they put into organizing and hosting the Schooner Martha Party and Auction on Bainbridge Island last Saturday. Thank you for all of your support!    

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8 Days till Departure for San Francisco

The crew has been busy working around the clock to get the boat ready for departure in a week! As of yesterday, the water maker and High Frequency Radio are both installed and working beautifully. Ryder, the small boat, has received some good TLC from sand paper and brushes, as well as her oars. Martha herself […]

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Count Down Off Shore 2014-2015

July 20th,  MARTHA is in the midst of her Summer programing and in between sailing adventures the crew is busy with maintenance and upgrades to prepare for the August 23rd departure to SanFrancisco. The past trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands ” CRISR” the crew finished the hand work on the Main Stays’yl and it […]

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