The MARTHA’s  educational sailing program introduces teens and adults to life aboard a classic schooner while sailing the iconic Pacific Northwest. On programs ranging from 3-day trips to 14-day voyages, teenagers and adults become full participants in the sailing of MARTHA: steering the vessel, raising the sails, standing watch and learning navigation. Participants are not passengers but are instead crew aboard our 84-foot wooden schooner.

Happy Faces

Happy Faces

Desolation sound Sun

Desolation Sound Sun

Scenic Vistas

Scenic Vistas

CRISR 2008

Beach play

Beach play

There are 2 premium sailing adventures being offered  in 2016.

CRISR and the Fall Desolation Sound Trip .

Schooner Power

Schooner Power



CRISR: July 26- Aug 6
The Captain Raynaud International Schooner race is an annual event with 5 days of destination racing and 11 days voyaging with a fleet of schooners.  Students  make up a large part of the crew on this event and  become very involved with the daily functions of the vessel,  learning racing skills as crew on a classic racing yacht.  After the racing segment the crew will voyage North into the Straits of Georgia and explore the Canadian Gulf Islands.    Experience is not required.

The CRISR event is always special and we look forward to participating in 2016.    If extra experience in piloting, navigating, sail-trim, anchoring and all the joys of summer cruising is what you are looking for, this is the trip for you. A passport is required. Youth scholarships ARE available.


Desolation Sound  September 12-25

Desolation Sound is  the Holy Grail of the Pacific Northwest, warm waters and beautiful scenery are at the center of this adventure.

MARTHA and crew will make their way North through the Canadian Gulf Islands, cross the Straits of Georgia and enter Desolation Sound.

This fall trip is very much like the annual CRISR  without the yacht racing component!

For a great overview of MARTHA’s programs check out this Awesome video by Off Center Harbor.

The Schooner MARTHA – Making Something Beautiful Happen




















MARTHA has just received some new bronze hardware!

But before we talk about the new,  we need little back ground info.

Last year while sailing  the California Coast, one of our sailors, John Farrell, noticed a weighted bean bag hanging from the shifter and asked why was such a thing hanging there?

the inner workings

the inner workings

I explained about how the Morse/Teleflex control is constructed with dissimilar metals, bronze, aluminum,  spring steel and such and that these metals corrode in the salt environment and the spring steel friction washer disintegrates and then there is no throttle detent and the engine RPMs back off.  To correct for it I hang a weighted bag to keep the RPMs where we want them.

After discussions regarding marine grade equipment I mentioned a company called Kobelt.  They are a Canadian company and they make ‘Honest to God Marine Grade Components’ and as soon as we can afford we are going to install a Kobelt throttle/ shifter assembly.

Well, some time after John left the vessel in SanDiego we received from John a donation; in his letter he thanked us for such a wonderful adventure and told us the check was for the new Kobelt Shifter.

compliments MARTHA's style

compliments MARTHA’s style

the real thing

the real thing

So John, here it is,   and it’s a great piece of engineering and art,  works great and Kobelt is a wonderful company to work with!

Thank You John. MARTHA loves the new Throttle/ Shifter.















Now, the other bronze part that MARTHA has just received is a new Anchor roller,  designed and built by Port Townsend Foundry.

And another background story.

No one knows when the previous anchor roller was installed,  maybe the 1950s.    MARTHA anchors with chain but the roller was for rode and the roller sheave was quite worn.

starboard side chain roller

Chain roller on Starboard.

It lasted a long time but honestly was on the edge.  We were sailing off the hook, Bechers Bay, Santa Rosa Island, the wind was blowing 25 with higher gusts veering and ranging from port to starboard bow and being very difficult.  One gust caught us hard on the starboard bow and pushed us way off to port; being at short scope  and  the anchor dug in hard, when the chain came up tight, the impact bent the anchor roller assembly.

We made repairs and kept a very watchful eye on it the rest of the journey.  Once back home we had Pete Langley and the Port Townsend Foundry crew design and build a new Roller System.


Talk about engineering and art,  this roller assembly from start to finish is a thing of beauty.

Thank you Port Townsend Foundry Crew for such great work!


We will be putting together more info about this process soon!IMG_5487

Port side rode roller

Port side rode roller



.     We wanted to take the time to reflect on the effort and commitment that has  gone into the MARTHA program,  first to SAVE her and now to keep the MARTHA Program  SUSTAINABLE! In the beginning,  the task of saving her looked so enormous,  it seemed unreasonable to believe success was possible. We […]

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White Cap Series/ Bronze Anchor Roller

White Cap Series race 5 was a real hoot. Wind West 12 to 15 then 15 to 18 then a high of 28. The crew did a great job of keeping MARTHA in trim and rolling. We hit the Start line about a minute  late and fast. As we crossed the Start line at the […]

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The 2016 MARTHA youth sailing season is in full swing. This Spring we started with the Caitlin Gable school from Portland and have moved directly to the Port Townsend Sailing Association’s Whitecap Race Series with the Port Townsend School system OCEAN Class.  Friday, April 15, was some fine light-air sailing where the crew worked on […]

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Ocean Class / Whitecap Series

MARTHA started her Spring sail training with students involved with Port Townsend School District’s OCEAN Program.   We are participating in the Port Townsend Sailing Association’s Whitecap Series.   Watch the city waterfront Friday evenings, races start at 6. We started with a dockside deck safety and line handling session and then a pre-race  afternoon sail […]

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MARTHA is getting ready for her 2016 racing season. Many ask about our racing program and seem a little surprised that Martha races not only in the local wooden boat races but also with the modern boats. Martha was designed and built as a racing yacht and has been involved in racing through most of […]

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  What are you doing this Summer? What could be more fun than exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest Inland Waters aboard MARTHA a 1907 Classic Racing Yacht. The 2016 Summer Sailing Season is just around the corner  and MARTHA’s Youth and Family Sailing Programs are one of the most exciting ways to see the San […]

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The launch date is March 2nd at 1330 and MARTHA is just about ready. The weather has been very difficult with rain every other day for about a month except for last week with 3 days in a row of no rain but cold, foggy conditions. We have 2 weeks to finish putting MARTHA together […]

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2016 Winter Haul Out

Thanks to the professional yard staff at the Port of Port Townsend  Boat Haven MARTHA is safely chocked up in Boat Haven for this winter’s refit. We had to re-schedule the haul out day because of heavy winds, instead of Wednesday the 3rd we hauled on Thursday the 4th right between two big fronts , […]

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