Wednesday evening, the 20th of August,  Doug Jones and Deb Dominici have graciously offered their home to be open for a get-together to wish Martha and crew fair winds for the voyage.    Please join us from 7-10 at 538 Fillmore in Port Townsend

We would also like to take this opportunity to THANK ALL of the supporters and friends of the Schooner Martha Foundation!   What a fabulous outpouring of support and good spirit that Martha will carry with her up and down the West Coast!



Janice & Ollie Pedersen

Our deepest thanks to Ollie and Janice,  Allison, and the crew at the Hazel Creek Barn for all of the hard work they put into organizing and hosting the Schooner Martha Party and Auction on Bainbridge Island last Saturday. Thank you for all of your support!





Hazel Creek Barn, All Dressed Up For The Auction



Allison, Organizer Extraordinaire!


Organizers, Hosts and Auctioneers!


8 Days till Departure for San Francisco

The crew has been busy working around the clock to get the boat ready for departure in a week! As of yesterday, the water maker and High Frequency Radio are both installed and working beautifully. Ryder, the small boat, has received some good TLC from sand paper and brushes, as well as her oars. Martha herself […]

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Count Down Off Shore 2014-2015

July 20th,  MARTHA is in the midst of her Summer programing and in between sailing adventures the crew is busy with maintenance and upgrades to prepare for the August 23rd departure to SanFrancisco. The past trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands ” CRISR” the crew finished the hand work on the Main Stays’yl and it […]

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Classic Mariners Regatta

MARTHA  and crew just finished the 2014 Classic Mariners Regatta and boy, what a hoot. The weather has been strangely warm this spring  and at times we have had an odd wind direction and strange wind shifts. Saturday started light with a East/North/East wind and by the end of the day it was a ripping […]

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Thank You Swiftsure

Just returned from a weekend adventure sailing the Swiftsure International Regatta. The theme this year was “Swiftsure, Always a Challenge” and it certainly lived up to the quote with all of the weather challenges. The regatta committee did a fantastic job of having everything well organized and helpful and seemed to be having a good […]

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Spring fit out has been very busy and MARTHA has a great deal of new safety equipment and rigging upgrades. Our shake down sail went well and we had the Port Townsend school system “OCEAN” class out for the seasons first sail. We look forward to sailing again on Saturday. The new Main sail and […]

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Ready to Launch

Martha is back in the water today and we are thanking our latest donors and volunteers. Max is a new apprentice who has been helping out with various projects in the shop and looking forward to more!!!!   Thank you to all the hard working folks at  The PT Shipwrights Coop , they have once again […]

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Spring maintenance

Spring is here and work on MARTHA is moving in many directions. MARTHA’s Main Mast was unstepped on March 21st and Tuesday the 25th Martha was hauled out. A Measurer connected with the TransPac, Gary Morgan, was working with Captain Robert d’Arcy hours after MARTHA was stationary in her spot in Port of Port Townsend […]

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MARTHA Acquires some Bronze Jewelry

The good folks at Port Townsend Foundry have been busy designing and casting Bronze fittings  for various things MARTHA needs. Here are a couple of shots of the anchor bracket,   Along with this bracket the Foundry is also casting 4 new 2″ cockpit scuppers and work is moving forward on the Binnacle guard and […]

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